Aug 16, 2021

Guide to Vessel Haul Outs

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Any boat or yacht enthusiast knows that maintaining a vessel is not easy, especially if the vessel spends most of its time sitting in the water. Regular maintenance on any maritime vessel is essential for your boat to run smoothly and at its highest performance. A big portion of yacht maintenance is to have your boat regularly hauled out for service and to check out the boat's conditions below the waterline. 

At our Fort Lauderdale yacht management company, we share our guide to vessel haul-outs and answer some common questions about boat haul-outs. We explain what a vessel haul-out is so you can better understand how to care for your marine vessel just in time for the summer! 

What Is a Vessel Haul-Out? 

A vessel haul-out is great for regular maintenance on large boats and yachts. A professional yacht management team can complete a vessel haul-out. They will securely remove the large vessel using a travel lift to view the boat's bottom and decide a plan of action to repair. During a vessel haul-out, you can expect your dedicated yacht manager to schedule boat maintenance tasks such as:

  • Maintenance on running gear 

  • Pressure wash 

  • Removal of biofouling, or the build-up of plant and animal life that occurs naturally on a boat that has been submerged in water for long periods of time.

  • Inspection of strut bearings and bolts 

  • Replacement of zinc anodes 

  • Through hull fittings 

  • Inspection of seacocks 

  • Sanding and removal of bottom paintwork 

  • Bottom boat painting 

How Often Should You Haul a Boat Out? 

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At our South Florida marina, we believe, for vessels around 65’ feet and under, your boat should be hauled out every year and run through a boat maintenance checklist. For vessels, 70’ feet and greater, a haul out every two to three years should suffice. Depending on your bottom paint and the water conditions in your harbor, this may be more or less often. It is best to discuss the schedule of your boat haul-outs with your yacht manager. 

Scheduling a vessel haul-out is also a great opportunity to have your yacht thoroughly inspected for any additional maintenance that may be required and make certain that your boat is in working order. 

Benefits of a Regularly Scheduled Yacht Haul-Out 

There are many benefits of a regularly scheduled vessel haul-out. Your boat will not only run better but will have a longer life span. Being a boat owner is not easy work. Boats require plenty of maintenance to reap the benefits of owning a boat and enjoying the open water. Underwater boat cleaning is the most essential boat maintenance task to ensure your boat is gliding seamlessly through the water. But there is a difference between underwater boat cleaning vs. haul-outs. We recommend speaking to your professional yacht maintenance team to help distinguish which will be the best option for your yacht. 

South Florida Yacht Haul-Out Services 

Are you looking for dockside or boatyard services in Fort Lauderdale to maintain your boat? Our top-rated Yacht Management team in South Florida offers boat haul-out services, boat bottom painting, and Bahamas yacht services! Contact us today to learn more about our yacht maintenance services and learn more about our boatyard located right in the heart of Fort Lauderdale. 

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