Jun 14, 2021

Steps To Prepare Your Yacht for a Boat Show

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With boat show season in full swing this summer, our Fort Lauderdale boatyard is so excited to see some of the biggest and most luxurious yachts on the market this year. Boat shows are also one of the biggest selling events for maritime vessel dealers. But before you get to some of the largest boat shows in America this season, here are some helpful steps to prepare your yacht for a boat show. 

Getting Your Yacht Ready for a Trip to a Boat Show 

To ensure you are ready for the boat show, make sure you are taking the proper steps to prep your yacht for the trip. At Yacht Management, we have put together a guide that includes steps to prepare your yacht for a boat show so you can have peace of mind the day of the journey. Our team of certified and experienced professionals are no strangers to preparing yachts for their travels to yacht expos and boat shows.

Book Your Tickets to the Boat Show in Advance

The first step to preparing your yacht for a boat show is booking your tickets to the event in advance. The sales of tickets to boat shows are usually open and available about 3-4 months before the event. Our expert yacht crew strongly recommends booking your tickets as soon as possible directly from the boat show website. The advantage of booking your boat show tickets in advance is that you will be able to enter the boat show quickly, making for an easier trip to the boat show. 

Organize a Boat Show Schedule

When preparing your yacht for a boat show, we recommend organizing your trip a few weeks before the show. This puts dealer’s and yacht owner’s minds at ease, especially considering there are so many big plans to schedule. 

  • What is your method of transportation? 
  • How will you transport your boat to the boat show? 
  • What hotel accommodations do you need to make? 
  • Will you show your yacht through appointments or open decks? 

You can find additional information to help you organize your boat show schedule on the event website, along with the website of the city where the expo is taking place.

Make Sure Your Yacht is Properly Maintained 

Before attending an expo, prepare your yacht for a boat show by assuring it is properly maintained. Proper Yacht maintenance is imperative to having a great boat show, and you will want to make sure your vessel is represented in its best light. With proper yacht wash downs, Fort Lauderdale premium yacht waxing services, interior cleaning, and system checks, your yacht will be sparkling on the day of the boat show.  

At Yacht Management, we can prepare your yacht for a boat show with our executive South Florida yacht care. We offer a wide range of yacht management services, from metal polishing to system checks and start-ups, so your yacht is pristine on the day of the boat show this season.

The Day of the Boat Show

After you have completed the steps to prepare your yacht for a show, be sure to enjoy yourself on the day of the boating event. Boat shows are an excellent opportunity to connect and network with the boating community, so make sure to set aside time to explore and chat with others in the maritime industry. 

What You Should Bring to a Boat Show

Now that you have prepared your yacht for the boat show, here are a few items that you should bring with you on the day of the event. Our South Florida marina recommends you are extra mindful of this guide if the boat show is outdoors or in Miami, Florida. 

  • A hat or cap to protect your face from the hot sun. 
  • Lots of sunblock for the best protection. 
  • Water to stay hydrated. 
  • Wear comfortable shoes for plenty of walking. 
  • Bring a tote bag or backpack to carry items given by boat show sponsors.

If you would like help preparing your yacht for a boat show, be sure to hire a yacht management company you can trust. At Yacht Management, we offer executive yacht management services to ensure your maritime vessel is functioning at the highest standards in both safety and efficiency. Rest assured knowing your vessel is covered for all the Miami yacht shows and boat shows combined happening this 2022.

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