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Perks of Being a Superyacht Management Client

Jul 01, 2024

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Navigating through the ocean in a superyacht is an unparalleled experience that offers luxury, adventure, and the ultimate freedom. However, managing a superyacht is where difficulties begin to occur, which can distract from the pleasure. At Yacht Management South Florida, our superyacht management program offers personalized management services to ensure that your yachting experience remains seamless and enjoyable. Discover the perks of becoming one of our clients - a decision you won’t regret!

One-Stop Shop for Your Management Needs
Our superyacht management program is specifically designed to be a one-stop shop for all of your management needs, regardless of their scale. We uphold the ultimate principle that no request is too minor to warrant our attention. Whether you need yacht maintenance, crewing, accounting, Flag State management, or vessel shoreside support, we’ve got you covered with customized onboard management software tailored to your needs. 

Land Liaison Services
One of the most unique benefits of choosing Yacht Management South Florida over other yacht management companies is our land liaison services. As soon as possible after notification of a problem, our professional team handles any issues that our clients have on land while they are aboard their vessel. Yacht Management’s President, Joshua, is the liaison between our company and yacht owners. He can provide direct communication for any sudden requests and can ensure the owners always have direct access to the highest level of our company. This personalized touch ensures that our client’s needs and preferences are always prioritized. 

Around-the-Clock Attention
Our dedicated superyacht manager maintains direct communication with the captains and crew of your vessel, ensuring 24/7 attention to your yacht’s needs. This consistent communication and constant availability guarantee that all issues are addressed promptly, allowing you to enjoy your journey worry-free. Whether it’s a maintenance issue or an operational question, our team is always here to assist. 

Exclusive Perks & Privileges
Our superyacht management program offers exclusive perks that set us apart from other superyacht management companies. One of our standout features is that our yacht management Fort Lauderdale office is also a full-service boatyard and marina, providing a convenient one-stop shop for your superyacht’s tenders and jet skis. This unique offering ensures that your vessel’s tender is always in top condition and ready for the next voyage. 

Safety & Security
One of our top priorities is the safety and security of your superyacht. Gabriel, our designated person ashore and security officer, has implemented a comprehensive safety management system and ship’s security plan that adheres to international maritime regulations. This system, available to our clients, includes constant monitoring, monthly drills, and alarm system checks, ensuring that your superyacht meets all safety and security standards. In doing so, we maximize the enjoyment and usage of your vessel while providing peace of mind when traveling. 

Informed & Involved
We understand that every yacht owner has vastly different preferences for how they wish to be involved in the management of their vessel. That is where our flexible approach comes into play. We will keep you as informed and involved as you desire.

In addition to Joshua serving as our liaison and the main point of contact for owners, each vessel is assigned a yacht manager. This is the person the crew and captain can contact about regulatory compliance, maintenance, safety, provisions and more. This transparency ensures that our clients will always be aware of their yacht’s status while also respecting their privacy. 

Our Superyacht Management Program 
Becoming one of our superyacht management clients means entrusting your yacht to a team dedicated to enhancing your yachting experience. With our comprehensive services, personalized attention, and commitment to safety and security, we will ensure that your vessel is handled with the highest level of care and professionalism.

Join our program today and experience unparalleled perks with Yacht Management South Florida. For more information and to discuss how we can tailor our services to fit your needs, please contact us directly. Let us take care of the details so you can focus on the journey!

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