Watermaker, Installation, and Repair

When you and your guests are cruising you yacht in the middle of the ocean, you’ll be surrounded by salt water and miles away from shore. While properly provisioning your vessel with enough bottled mineral water will take care of all drinking needs, there are still the showers, heads, galley, and jacuzzies that need access to freshwater.

Professional Watermaker Installation

Freshwater is typically supplied on a vessel through boat water tanks and freshwater systems which are resupplied on shore. Watermakers can complement your yacht’s water tanks and ensure a never-ending supply of fresh water. Requiring a complex system, leave watermaker installation to our certified yacht maintenance technicians. At Yacht Management South Florida Inc., we also offer expert watermaker maintenance and repair services.

Why You May Want to Install a Watermaker

Watermakers work in tandem with your vessel’s freshwater tanks and systems. Instead of having to be regularly resupplied on shore, watermaker technology utilizes reverse osmosis to turn unpotable salt water into pure fresh water ­– process called desalination. Installing a watermaker into your sailboat or motor yacht can result in multiple benefits.

  • Reduces weight and the water burden of your freshwater tanks
  • Water capacity will no longer limit your range of travel
  • Save freshwater resupplying costs in foreign ports
  • Serves as an emergency water supply should your tanks leak or get contaminated

At Yacht Management South Florida Inc., the experienced technicians at our Fort Lauderdale marina and boatyard are trained and well-equipped to install watermaker systems from all the top brands including:

  • Spectra Watermakers
  • FCI WaterMakers
  • Katadyn
  • US Watermaker
  • Acuva Technologies
  • Schenker

We install a wide range of watermakers models including:

  • DC Watermakers
  • Engine-Driven Pumps
  • 120V AC Watermakers

Consistent Watermaker Maintenance & Efficient Watermaker Repairs

A functioning watermaker involves a complex system that requires high pressure to operate. The process involves salt water passing through through-hulls, booster pumps, high-pressure pumps, filters, and finally a semi-permeable membrane that strips out salt, silt, bacteria, viruses, and other contaminants.

Due to all those moving parts and conditions, watermakers are machines that need consistent maintenance to ensure they continue to work properly. Desalination systems require regular running, rinsing, filter replacements, flushing out with biocides, and our other yacht maintenance services to stay clean and operational.

Over time, high salinity, excessive amounts of silt and sand, pollutants like oil and chlorine, and even air bubbles will cause wear and tear to your watermaker. If you don’t have a regular maintenance schedule in place, you may need to invest in watermaker repairs. Fortunately, our yacht management and maintenance team is experienced with handling watermaker repair work.

Contact us or call us at (954) 941-6447 to learn more about our other maintenance, yacht restoration, and yacht management services. A member of our team at Yacht Management South Florida Inc. will happily answer any of your questions or concerns.