Dec 20, 2021

Yacht Inspections: What Is a Boat Survey?

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When purchasing a boat you must conduct a pre-purchase survey or complete a yacht inspection to gain the most insight from the buyer or seller. Our yacht maintenance and management company believes that it is important to note that depending on the type of boat or yacht you plan on buying, be sure to match your specific boat type with a professional surveyor that’s aware of the specific make and model. 

Here is everything you need to know about what is involved in a typical yacht survey from our team of yacht restoration experts. 

What Is a Boat Inspection Called? 

Often, you will find that a yacht or boat inspection is called a marine survey. This pre-boat purchase inspection dictates the condition of a vessel, as well as the boat's trustworthiness at sea. Both a condition and evaluation are contingent on a marine survey and help the insurance companies evaluate any issues that would lead to an imminent claim.

Understanding a Boat Condition Report 

When it comes to reading and analyzing a boat inspection report, it is crucial to note that there are strict guidelines to assist the surveyor in making judgment calls on your marine survey. The surveyor is not just making opinion-based assumptions. Boat surveys are created with the Code of Federal Regulations or CFRs at the forefront, covering small safety requirements, observing navigation lights, sanitation, check boat engines, and electrical systems. These Coast Guard regulations are a big overview of some of the most important systems and items on the boat or yacht surveyed. 

Marine surveyors will also review the standards held by the American Boat and Yacht Council or ABYC, offering recommendations based on boat design and construction. Lastly, a yacht survey is created with the standards of the National Fire Protection Agency or NFPA to ensure they all meet protocol. 

What to Expect From a Yacht Survey Report 

A yacht survey report will be a written report created by the surveyor often hired by the buyer. The yacht survey report will include complete descriptions of the boat and each of the systems onboard. It will provide an appraisal of findings and recommendations broken down into sections of importance including an overall statement of the maritime vessel's condition. 

Finally, the marine survey will include fair market and replacement values for the boat items found in the findings and recommendations. Our team of maritime experts always recommends ensuring you are there for part of the survey so you can see some of the outstanding items in person. 

Yacht Management and Maintenance in Fort Lauderdale 

Our South Florida marina offers a wide range of yacht management services to ensure your yacht survey is done seamlessly. Our expert technicians provide the best bottom paint for boats, gelcoat refinishing, and yacht concierge services

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