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Best Advice for Working on a Yacht

Mar 18, 2022

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Crew members that make a living working on a yacht are often referred to as yachties'. They spend the majority of their days working on yachts and sailboats as crew members. With the help of our South Florida marina, we are sharing our best advice for working on a yacht, how to get a job as a yachtie, and the benefits of yacht jobs. 

As South Florida’s preferred yacht management and maintenance company, we have employed a wide range of trusted yachties from around the world to work on yachts of all different shapes and sizes. Working on yachts is a great way to travel the world, and with so many different positions on a yacht, there is a career opportunity for everyone. If there is one thing we are certain of, working in the yachting industry is all about being at the right place at the right time. Unfortunately, you won’t find a job in the yachting world from home. You must put yourself out there and network with others as you look for yachting positions.

Tips for Working Yacht Jobs 

There are a wide range of important things to consider and questions to ask yourself when working yacht jobs. For one, many people don’t realize they can be seasick until they spend a certain amount of time out at sea. If you are someone that gets seasick on the job, consider looking into over-the-counter medications and tablets or acupressure travel wristbands. The seasick bands work by applying pressure to a key point in the wrist, which has been proven to relieve motion sickness in many crew members. 

Another tip for working yachting jobs is to begin getting in the mindset of becoming a minimalist. When working on a yacht, keep in mind that a lot of daily life necessities will be provided for you, including a uniform, toiletries, food, and a place to sleep at night. Pack your bags for work accordingly without clogging up the crew cabinets with unnecessary items. 

Remember that when working on a yacht, superyacht, or boat it is all about what you can offer the vessel not what the vessel can offer you. Having a can-do attitude, critical thinking skills, and a big smile is exactly what yacht owners and captains are looking for in crew members. To be working on a yacht, you must be happy living far away from home for extended periods and must educate yourself on the industry itself. Learn about the different types of boats, their builders or manufacturers, and the skills required for each position to help you find your place in the industry. 

Benefits of Yacht Jobs 

Besides traveling the world, there are many benefits of yacht jobs and being a crew member. For one, you won’t have to pay rent when working and living on yachts, and most of the time, meals are included in the job. The opportunity to save money on housing and meals while traveling is a significant benefit of yachting jobs. Just be sure to save some money so you can have a nice nest egg during the off-season. 

Another great benefit of having a yachting job is the ability to hop around the beautiful islands that encompass the Caribbean and Mediterranean seas. Our superyacht management team recommends using the money from working “in-season” to travel for fun during the off-season. 

Working for a Yacht Management Company

Want to be a part of our team at South Florida Yacht Management? We have a wide range of services offered to clients across South Florida and specialize in a range of yachts and boats. Contact us today to learn more about the different yachting positions available at our boatyard! 

We offer captains and clients complete yacht management services, concierge and logistics, and provide yacht owners with a dedicated yacht manager. Our location in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, the "Yachting Capital of the World" allows us to access all the resources necessary for even the most demanding client. We provide owners with more security, enjoyment on the water, and ultimately - peace of mind.

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