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The Best Sandbars in Florida

Feb 15, 2022

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It is no secret that boaters love spending their time out on the water socializing with other boaters. And there is no better place to do it than at one of the many sandbars in South Florida. As one of the best party spots for boaters, sandbars usually fill up fast, especially on the weekends. With food boats and bars floating around, and plenty of music coming from all different directions, our South Florida sandbars offer the perfect spot for relaxing, people watching and hanging out. 

With the help of our superyacht management company, we are sharing all the best and most popular sandbars in South Florida to take your friends and family. 

Haulover Sandbar 

Haulover Sandbar is a huge hit in South Florida and known by many boaters as THE sandbar to be at on the weekends - there is no competition. Haulover is often thought of as the best sandbar in South Florida. Some may even say it is the Margaritaville for boaters. Located in Biscayne Bay, it is right between the ocean inlet and a popular island known to locals as Beer Can Island. Boaters spend the entire day lounging and basking in the hot Florida sun. You will often see kayaks and paddleboards of the people coming from Oleta River State Park heading over the Beer Can Island for some fun. Be sure not to leave any food out on the boat or tables. The island is inhabited by a bunch of raccoons that call the island their home, and they have no problem snatching up your picnic.

The best part is that around the World Cup finals, boaters can see the game via a giant floating screen on the Haulover Sandbar. Talk about the best seat in town! 

Nixon Beach Sandbar 

Another great sandbar in South Florida is the Nixon Beach Sandbar. Named after President Richard Nixon’s South Florida home, it is located just a little further south and west of Key Biscayne; you will find it near Hurricane Harbor. Nixon Beach Sandbar is a popular little spot in the city and draws a regular crowd of boaters who love to party with the full Miami sandbar experience. 

Nixon Beach Sandbar is a great place to party with friends, people watch and spend the day floating or snorkeling. 

Whale Harbor Sandbar 

One of the most impressive sandbars in South Florida, Whale Harbor can only be accessed by water. Whale Harbor Sandbar is located less than a mile offshore around Mile Marker 84 on the side of the Atlantic Ocean. With soft white sand and crystal clear waters, you will often find early-bird boaters setting up for the day to ensure they find a good spot. A great location to relax, grill, and tie up next to some friends. 

Bear Cut Sandbar 

One of the more lowkey sandbars in South Florida is Bear Cut Preserve. Located in Crandon Beach, just where Biscayne Bay meets the Atlantic Ocean, it is close to downtown and South Beach. This Florida sandbar offers a less party-like vibe and is most popular to locals as one of Miami’s most peaceful and serene secret getaways. 

Bear Cut Preserve Sandbar can only be accessed by boat, kayak, or paddleboard, and is a part of a protected park and beach area. 

Yacht Maintenance Service in South Florida 

At Yacht Management, we offer a wide range of yacht maintenance services in South Florida to ensure our clients’ boats and yachts are sandbar ready all year round. With the help of our expert team of yacht engineers, we provide professional boat hull painting and gelcoat refinishing services. We are confident that we can provide the expert services you demand at competitive pricing. Before you head out to the best sandbars in South Florida, reach out to us first and schedule an appointment. 

Contact Yacht Management today and reap the benefits of the best boat bottom cleaning in Fort Lauderdale and yacht restoration services. 

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